Date of last change (yyyy-mm-dd): 2020.01.26


The program we offer allows you to index your most attractive offer, which is specially collected and selected.
While the program indexes *.txt files, which are the content of your standard web pages, each word is added to a Google search string that targets your site.
Search phrases contain 1 to 24 words, or almost all words from individual lines of input files.
Each time you click on these search phrases, Google will provide at least one answer that links to your site.
Indexed pages have, of course, multiple indexes that allow you to instantly search for each word with just a double-click (full text search).
You can see the described operation at the following link:
The site we offer you to view is completely built with indexed (*.txt) summaries of the original websites of different providers.

The program does not connect to the web, it does not run the ads, or does nothing, which could jeopardize the privacy and security of user data.

A description of the process for creating *.txt files and indexing them in *.html output files

Input documents must be in *.TXT format, which is known by almost all web browsers, and outputs are in *.HTML format.
It sounds a little complicated, but watching the demo will illustrate the program's capabilities.
First, we extracted a summary the interesting websites.
Summary (*.txt, UTF-8) of interesting web pages create the following procedure:
- in the browser, the contents of each web site are guaranteed by the "select all"
- then "copy",
- transfer it to any editor, for example in Notepad editor, select "paste"
- save "save as" in the *.txt format , with the UTF-8 code page
- the file name is optional but it can not contain special characters
- each website has its own summary file (*.txt)
- copy *.txt files in the subdirectory WWW.TXT.IN
Then we used the program.

The program can handle input documents in two different ways.
Sequence as captured or grouped by content.
Content grouping does not always produce the desired results, so we suggest that beginners group documents in order.

Download freeware program: ln_01_323.exe

The program is available in two versions:
- freeware;
- commercial.
Both versions of the program have the same functionality except for the max number of input files.

Owners of a commercial version of the program may only use the program for the purpose of their primary business activity.
In the freeware version, all program messages must remain visible and unchanged.
All other rights are reserved and therefore, in particular it is not allowed:
- change program;
- or include in other software products.
Users and publishers are free to distribute the freeware version of the program, but under the same (unspoiled) conditions as above.


The commercial version of the program is very suitable for providers who want to consolidate their brand.
The commercial version of the program is always tailored to the specific customer.
The program is named after its web address (example:, which is then included in all Google search phrases for each indexed word.

We are looking for providers and distributors of our program.
When using our program, we want you a lot of success and fun!